When Nietzsche pronounced God dead

"Perhaps it was when Nietzsche pronounced God dead that so many decided to do His job themselves. Today, we are our own priests. Our truths are own “inner truths.” Our morality is bought retail."
People look for meaning whether they intend to or not.  We need life to have a purpose.  Therefore, one might notice in this post-modern age that many secular ideas inspire religious vigor.  The most often noted is probably environmentalism.  Query 'environmentalism as religion' for a solid start on the topic.  The Green movement, however, isn't the only secular religion.   Examples abound.  I find them fascinating, so I write about them.

Again borrowing from a favorite author, this time Jonah Goldberg, the author of the quote above, I categorize these posts "When Nietzsche pronounced God dead".  Once God was dead, big problems that couldn't be solved by those inner truths had to be dismissed. Little problems--or nonexistent ones--that could be solved by those inert* truths had to be made into big problems. We've tried to morph reality into something we can control.  But Nature is indifferent to our efforts, and it is Nietzsche who died.  
 *I mistyped "inner" and spell check gave me "inert", which kinda works--a bit of spell check serendipity.


Lacey Schmidt said...

Also an interesting spin on the whole matter:

articulorum said...

I think he might have been jealous of God because He didn't have so many consonants with which to deal - which is curious because, while the word Nietzsche is somewhat unwieldy and God is not, their complexities sometimes share similar paths of truths, except where sister Elizabeth inserted her sinister, manipulative hand into his writings and interpretations, particularly in the latter part of his syphilitic dementia. (love conquers all...)

AHLondon said...

Yes the paths merge at a few points. And the consonant problem is vexing--certainly vexes me when I'm trying to spell his name. You must comment here more. This could be fun.