Coffee Penalties

For any American who has traveled or lived abroad, one of the most noticeable and noted differences between America and almost anywhere else is poor customer service.  It is often slow, commonly brusque, and otherwise self serving.  American expats are notorious for complaining about customer service, which often results in even worse service.  I haven't taken any polls, but from personal experience I'd bet a decent sum of money that Brits complain about service far more than Americans and about things that Americans could never get away with complaining about.  This blog is my chance to vent.  I will have many references to customer service shortcomings.  My favorite one is the coffee penalty.  

Europeans are more likely to have a full course meal, including desert and coffee.  If you do not order dessert or coffee, which are served one after the other with dessert first, rather than together, then your waiter will make you wait for as long as it would have taken for you to have ordered, received, and drunk your coffee before giving you the bill.  This is the coffee penalty.  'Coffee Penalties' will be my standard barer for all customer service related posts.