A pot of tea, my favorite British import. This one was a gift from M&M, my friend and first loyal reader.
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This started as an expatriate/political/cultural blog, An American Housewife in London. Then it grew. 

When we first moved to London, for "12-18 months" [insert ironic expat quip about moving home "next year" here], I wrote letters home to family and friends about life in London. My husband thought it would be cool if I blogged it. But I was reluctant and life intervened anyway.  While in London we added twins to our brood. That was 4 under 5.  Blogging—and everything else but motherhood—waited until waiting was no longer an option.

After two years I've found there are a few things that I've done well, so I am narrowing this blog to the subjects below the title.  (Yes, my notion of "narrow" is about as tight as the American legal definition of "necessary.") I have some moving to London and baby care posts scattered about the blog, too.  You can find those in the tag cloud on the right.  (UPDATE October 2012: ...if you see the tag cloud on the right. Blogger has a poltergeist. I'm convinced of it. Gadgets disappear sometimes and post formatting, text size, font, and spacing morphs often. I'm skipping the switch to Wordpress and having a site made. When? Good question. A web designer mom friend is doing it trying to get back into freelance design. We have 9 kids under 11 between us. Deadlines are fluid.)

In July 2011, after 5 years, we finally returned to Texas. Our entire family is in Houston and no amount of London wonderfulness could replace cousins and grandpas. We will commute now, hence the changing parenthetical in the title.  Yasha's commuting schedule for London stinks more than we thought it would, but we are coping.  The kids and I, however, are now on a much saner London-in-summer and Houston-in-winter schedule.  Honestly, who does the reverse? 

One final note, I am not trying to be anonymous. Even Billie Piper, the high end call girl, was eventually revealed so I figure trying to be anonymous isn't worth the effort. (Oct. 2012: It wasn't. I'm freelancing for PJLifestyle using my real name.) Friends and family appear in stories here so I've done the names-have-been-changed-to-protect-the-innocent bit. I went overboard with the nicknames and stopped keeping track a while ago, but it is fun. I've pulled some of these gals onto Twitter where they use these nicknames as their handles.  Another of these ladies got the blogging bug after guest blogging for me.  She dragged me on to Twitter (@AHLondonTX.).  Funny how these things go around.  

Note for longtime readers, I've changed my son's handle from Christopher Robin to Calvin.  He has more personality now; he required a more fitting nickname.  I almost went for Ferris, but at 8 he's not that smooth yet.

Cast of Characters
  • AHLondon-me
  • Yasha-my husband
  • Calvin-my son, 8 (formerly Christopher Robin)
  • Cupcake-my first daughter, 6
  • Terremoto or Thing 1-my second daughter and first twin, 3
  • Tigger or Thing 2-my third daughter and second twin, 3
  • Lady Di-one of my oldest friends, my maid of honor, and half Brit
  • Vilvy-former nanny
  • Bella-former weekend nanny
  • Rena-former housekeeper
  • Lily-Danish friend
  • M&M and LeBon-British friend and her famous-in-an-obscure-way husband
  • Millie and Pooky-M&M and LeBon's daughters
  • Pippi-friend from home and former au pair
  • Virginia-American friend I met over here, and who has sadly moved home.  She's stuck in New Jersey, trying to get to Texas.
  • Gnomz-American friend still in London
  • Foxy-a saucy British friend
  • Mother of Posh and The Godfather-Canadian friends and serial expats, currently in Scotland outside London
  • Posh-Daughter of said Canadian friends
  • Suzanne Powers-American friend I met over here and who was my partner-in-crime for our nursery school PTA
  • Persephone and The Prince of Darkness-Sister in law and brother of Yasha. The PoD's duties are purely ceremonial
  • Charlie Brown-my nephew, b. May 2010
  • Doc Sissors-Sister of Yasha
  • Kinsey-Sister in law, sort of, actually sister of Persephone's sister in law. Yes, it is very confusing without a flow chart.
  • Diva-Kinsey's daughter
  • Maverick-my geekiest friend and a marriage and motherhood mentor
  • Clif665-Maverick's husband and former neighbor to the Prince of Darkness
  • Sherri-my actual mentor.  Sherri is her real name.  I can't give her a nickname.
  • JJ-American friend, fellow geek, coven coordinator, and mom of twins
  • Paola-Italian jazz singing friend
  • Megs-A friend of a friend on FB.  He told her she'd like my blog and she is one of my few regular commenters.
  • JR-High school friend and fellow mom of 4, though 3 boys and 1 girl.  JR stands for Jessica Rabbit, not Ewing.
  • Thelma-Extra brainy sorority sister.   Named for Thelma of the Scooby Gang, not -and Louise.  All smart guys know that Thelma is hotter than Daphne.
  • Sparkles-another sort of sister-in-law and our accountant
  • Charlie-former neighbor in Houston.  Our sons used to have spontaneous playdates.
  • Anna-Russian friend. Our daughters went to nursery together
  • Pip Owens-British friend.  Our sons are in school together.
  • Little Brit-Pip Owen's youngest son
  • Lucy Locket-British friend through M&M. 
  • Lady Penelope--British friend
  • The Little Dane-my son's Danish buddy
  • The Little Roman-my son's Roman buddy.  He's actually Italian, Danish, and Iranian, but he and Christopher Robin use the Roman bit most in their games and even as a term of endearment, I didn't think his mother would like me calling him the Little Mutt.  


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AHLondon said...

I've checked your site out. They sound promising and I've been looking for books for newly reading Jeanie. Ordering one now. Will report soon.

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tangoqueen said...

We are deciding whether to move to England (Brighton) as my husband has a good job prospect, and I would dearly love to go. We will be taking our 4 kids (ages 9 yr twins, 12, 15 yr) it is such a hard choice of pros and cons. We are Australians, lived in Houston for 12 years. Our kids have grown up American. We also have 3 older kids at BYU colleges in Idaho and Utah - yes, we have 7 kids, and are Mormons. I have already checked out church community in Brighton, seems friendly but smaller, less youth, or more spread out in membership.

AHLondon said...

Tangoqueen, do it. Email me if you want details, advice or such. Happy to help.