Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Excellent Conversation with Alton Brown at Authors@Google

It is still Christmas around here. My kids don't go back to school until next Tuesday. I'm getting organized, just not as quickly as I'd like, which is pretty typical for this stage of motherhood. Anyway, the other day while setting up Calvin's iPod with links to Good Eats, I found this excellent interview with Alton Brown. It's a little over a year old but suffers no untimeliness. If you thought Alton was cool previously, you will really like him now. He discusses everything from publishing to diet soda to the importance of father and daughter time (in his case by using nitroglycerine to blow up food) to judicious use of social media.

My favorite part: the spontaneous suggestion to have Google create a professional, subscription based search engine. As someone who often needs to find some article from a specific-but-forgotten publication from 2 or more years ago, I would happily pay for a search engine that could filter out all of the most popular or most recent hits. The web needs a layman's Lexisnexis.

I vaguely recall that the Weekly Standard or maybe City Journal had an article a few years ago on how we really want more individual control on the internet. I'd search for it, but without the author, publication, or a specific and distinctive phrase, the chances of me finding the article I recall are next to nil. I need that special search engine. And while I'm wishing, and in case anyone from Google happens to see this post, I'd like to be able to limit searches to sites I have bookmarked—not the individual pages I've bookmarked, but the whole sites.

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