Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How Bacon Rolls and Levi's GoForth

Back home. Had a lovely time. Saw friends. Got lots of writing done. Finally saw Breaking Dawn 2, which was horrible, but I'll cover that later. Today, I have two pre-movie adverts that caught my attention (London theaters run TV commercials or PSAs—very creepy PSA's—before the trailers). Kevin Bacon, center of the universe, second video below, gave me a laugh. The Levis' GoForth campaign, however, is just so young and modern it almost offends my aging soul. These kids have no jobs but somehow think that an attitude and a pair of jeans in an interview hold the key to success? Have we taught them no humility or common sense? None at all?

There are so many Kevin Bacon videos on YouTube, I had to add the British term "advert" to the search to pick this up.

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