Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who writes fanfic?

I’d bet most people would have agreed with either Ben Domenech’s comment in The Transom a few weeks ago that fan fiction smacked of “a middle aged guy playing clumsily with Ken and Barbie dolls (or Kirk/Spock),” or that it was something lonely teens pound out on their keyboards in the wee hours. I ignorantly assumed both of those things. A decades long devotee of various fandoms, I never read fan fiction until February when a pathetic reboot of a favorite cartoon sent me surfing for someone to blame. Instead, I found that my beloved characters had been written better by amateurs than pros. So I started reading.

Among many things I discovered about fan fiction was that it is written overwhelmingly by women. When Domenech made that comment in The Transom, I, and I gather a few others, set him straight. In a short discussion about how curious this was, he asked why I wasn't posting at Ricochet. I wasn't posting because I didn't realize that I could. So with a post idea and a venue, I fired off some questions to some fan fic authors. When the Lifestyle stuff came around, I thought to hold the fan fic post until Breaking Dawn came out at the end of the month when I could tie it in with the Twilight fanfic Fifty Shades of Grey. But I'd mixed up Breaking Dawn with Batman--a mistake which underscores the confusion the fractured concentration of motherhood can cause. No one should ever, ever, mix up Batman with Breaking Dawn.

Confusion aside, the answers trickled in. I was a initially surprised at what I found but now think it makes perfect sense. I published the post this morning. It seemed like good Saturday morning fare. Now, Yasha and I are off to collect Calvin from summer camp. I've missed my son.

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