Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who writes fanfic?

I’d bet most people would have agreed with either Ben Domenech’s comment in The Transom a few weeks ago that fan fiction smacked of “a middle aged guy playing clumsily with Ken and Barbie dolls (or Kirk/Spock),” or that it was something lonely teens pound out on their keyboards in the wee hours. I ignorantly assumed both of those things. A decades long devotee of various fandoms, I never read fan fiction until February when a pathetic reboot of a favorite cartoon sent me surfing for someone to blame. Instead, I found that my beloved characters had been written better by amateurs than pros. So I started reading.

Among many things I discovered about fan fiction was that it is written overwhelmingly by women. When Domenech made that comment in The Transom, I, and I gather a few others, set him straight. In a short discussion about how curious this was, he asked why I wasn't posting at Ricochet. I wasn't posting because I didn't realize that I could. So with a post idea and a venue, I fired off some questions to some fan fic authors. When the Lifestyle stuff came around, I thought to hold the fan fic post until Breaking Dawn came out at the end of the month when I could tie it in with the Twilight fanfic Fifty Shades of Grey. But I'd mixed up Breaking Dawn with Batman--a mistake which underscores the confusion the fractured concentration of motherhood can cause. No one should ever, ever, mix up Batman with Breaking Dawn.

Confusion aside, the answers trickled in. I was a initially surprised at what I found but now think it makes perfect sense. I published the post this morning. It seemed like good Saturday morning fare. Now, Yasha and I are off to collect Calvin from summer camp. I've missed my son.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Home to the Armadillos

I got an early morning email from my buddy Annie Oakley, "We are at the [Jerry Jeff Walker} concert. Miss ya. Come home with the Armadillos!!!"  It's a song, the London Homesick Blues.

I'm on my way.  This trip to London is finished.  As always, I am sad to leave friends.  Also, as always for these temporary trips, my liver needs to recover.  Yasha and I have indulged in food and drink more in the past 4 weeks than in the months since Christmas.

Speaking of vices, a comment on coffee.  Like friends, I miss good coffee when I am at home.  Some of my friends wonder what I am going on about because they think I make great coffee.  No lie, I have a small set of friends who, when they walk into my house, request that I make coffee because it's the best they've ever had.  I glow in the compliment, but it really just underscores how bad American coffee is.  No one here, especially my Italian babysitters, will drink my coffee.  They tease me about my coffee.  I've taken lessons this time.  So for my American friends who thought I made good coffee previously, now I can make some serious brew.  I'm not making any for the 4th, though. It'll be too dang hot.

I hopefully will have opportunity to write on the plane.  Don't laugh.  My kids are all over four now. I might be able to get out my laptop. It is a day flight, so it isn't like I'm going to sleep. TKT, I should have a 'what to do with kids in London' post up soon.  Other posts on education, healthcare, and trends in fan fiction--those require actual concentration and might take longer.