Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Once an expat, always an expat

It seems I am destined to have bits of my heart on either side of The Pond.
I've been absent around here due to a major family medical crisis, which among many other things, threw a wrench in the works for our summer plans for London.  When we told the kids about a likely delay, there were floods of tears.  And that was just the kids.  I need my friend fix as well, now more than ever.  And it is no small problem that I have nothing planned for the children here this summer.  I can't help my mom much with 4 idle children underfoot. So we hit upon a compromise in which Yasha would take Calvin and Cupcake with him for two weeks (he had to be there for business anyway) and my former nannies would take the kids during the day.   I would bring the Things over later in the month.  While practically sound, I relish a weekend away from the children but dread partings more than three days.

But then, over the past day or so, a new normal has emerged on that medical crisis.  That coupled with the Diamond Jubilee travel realities, it would be easier for me to hop back to Houston if needed than to delay the hop to London. So, what seemed impossible last week, that the AHLondon clan would head to London for the summer as planned, now makes the most sense. My mom encourages this, but again an expat's heart is always split.

Besides the split heart, I'm back to expat adventures in life admin.  Sure, I've run trans-Atlantic households previously, but this will be a new challenge: my households and helping mom with hers.  I'm sure I will eventually have some comment on all that fun.

Until then, I don't expect to have much time for writing, though I will have to post on Ted Cruz's runoff run.  I've found enough time to read again, so will get back to tweeting articles of interest.  For the blog though, it's M&M to the rescue, she tells me that London is putting out the bunting for the Diamond Jubilee.  I've got pictures and commentary to post from her.  Hopefully Suzanne Powers, Foxy, and crew will have some stuff to post as well.

First pics from M&M, I think these are crown cakes from the Harrod's shop window. A couple might be teapots.


Susan said...

Thinking of your mom and sending healthy thoughts her way!

Hang in there, girl. I might (again) have expat news for you on our front, but we're waiting until that final dotted line has been signed...

Anonymous said...

M&M off to Trafalgar Square and The Mall today - will post photos for you later. I can't tell you how exciting it is in London at the moment. The mood in the air is really expectant and happy - makes a change!!

AHLondon said...

Sue, we must talk as soon as you sign that dotted line. First, I have friends around there that I will hook you up with. Second, we need to talk expat life. Managing expectations helps a bunch. It is wonderful and I wouldn't change it, but like so many things like that, expat life is bittersweet. BTW, it's actually my dad who is sick. Mom is fine.
M&M, keep it coming. Swing by for a cup of tea on Tuesday afternoon? x