Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life, that thing that happens while you are making other plans.

Various, seemingly unrelated, thoughts have been percolating in my head lately. Just as I could put fingertips to keyboard, one of those big life traumas intervened. Nothing happened to Yasha, the kids, or myself. There are simply new duties and labors of love in my life now. We are coping, well I hope. We did have some warnings for this event and had made minimal preparations. I don't anticipate having to give up blogging, but if I happen to disappear for a few weeks, I wanted y'all to know it wasn't permanent.

A bit about that preparation, though. I could just have well made some rif on 'the best laid plans' in the post title. When I saw this event coming, I had cut my nanny hours to 3 days every two weeks. That worked fine, but I figured I would need some more flexibility in the near future, so I hired a new gal two afternoons a week. When I called to tell her the dreaded event had occurred, I found out that her grandmother passed. She left town for a week. Persephone and Doc Scissors jumped to help me. Still today I found myself at home with 5 children and a furniture delivery and on the phone with my family.

You might think, if you walked into my house at this moment, that chaos would greet you. It would, but subtly--an accomplishment for chaos. For dinner, we are having chicken pot pie, which I cooked from frozen, although the smell coming from the oven would not tell you that detail. The Things decided to decorate cookies while I was outside with Charlie Brown, my nephew, signing for the newly delivered patio furniture. The cookies are on display and give no hint to my freak out when I found the Things using food coloring on a table on one of our nicer Turkish rugs. While I scolded the girls and put away the food coloring and icing (the rug survived unblemished), Charlie Brown doused my kitchen floor with ground cloves and black peppercorns. He likes playing with my spice shelf.

So if you walked into my house at this moment, you would think that this sad momma spent the afternoon making a hearty chicken dish and spiced bread while allowing the children to practice their edible art skills, all of which we finally may nosh on al fresco. Persephone just gathered Charlie Brown. That's what she thought.

It is a housewife secret, or curse, that the five minute frenzies always seem to end right before people, usually husbands, arrive.