Monday, April 16, 2012

Mordor's Department Store

For the past two years, the arrival of Restoration Hardware's, The Book, has occasioned small bouts of ridicule.  It stared when James Lileks and Ed Driscoll noted the bland, beige Depression chic of it all.  Sandbox, however, came up with my favorite description, "yuppified goth." A few months ago, RH opened a new mega store in Houston.  It keeps with the Depression/goth theme.  Yasha and I have debated whether it is Modor's department store or the Addam's Family Tuscan villa.

Behind the main store is RH's Baby and Child shop, which is certainly where Morticia would have bought Wednesday and Pugsley's nursery ensembles.  In a touch of delightful irony, next to the nursery shop is a trendy cupcake bakery, Sparkles, with its pink script neon sign.

The spring books arrived on Friday.