Friday, February 24, 2012

Perpetuating Stereotypes

Texpats, in the other states or abroad, get a bit annoyed with the constant JR/backyard oil rig/cowboy/horses everywhere stereotype.  People really do think that we wear cowboy boots with everything and ride horses all over town.  This post won't help with that.  Today is Go Texan Day, or the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo start.  I have spent yesterday and today in boots at the Go Texan festivities at the children's schools.*  (I am quite cross that I had to get some boots at Cavender's as my custom Bush boots are still not ready, but I didn't want to make the same mistake twice).  The entire city is in boots and hats.  Yasha even wore his stetson to work.  More striking, however, the Rodeo starts with a trail ride into town.  So as I approached Memorial and 610, one of the biggest intersections in the city, this is what greeted me.

The Snow Patrol track isn't appropriate, but it is the current song I've got on repeat for lyric analysis.  I didn't think to switch to a county station until I passed the horses.  

*The crazy children nursery festivals continue.  The Rodeo one had a train and pony ride.  Next week we have the Leap Year Extravaganza which, according to the email, will have a petting zoo and snow day.  No, it is not going to snow in Texas in February. The school, I kid you not, is going to bring a giant snow cone machine to turn part of the parking lot into a winter wonderland.  Did I mention that this is for the nursery school?  That's right, the 2-4 year olds.  American moms might think me a killjoy.   Perhaps, Texan moms just don't typically know how quickly young children tire of the cold and wet, but I'm sure the British moms understand.  Why, exactly, are we doing this?