Monday, January 9, 2012


So a few weeks ago I tweeted Penelope Trunk's Blueprint for a Woman's Life.  In the discussion thread on FB I said of PT's take on life:
Practical rules unhinged from morality. A fave contention of mine is that moral rules aren't for the sake of rules. They are rules because they largely work to produce happy and prosperous people. She is all means/ends analysis. There is no sense or duty or right or wrong to temper her goal seeking, hence plastic surgery and loathsome maternity leave manipulation amongst sensible advice to have children a little earlier and focus on your marriage. She's all 'can this help me succeed as a woman' without any regard for whether the action is Right.
Now having read a subsequent post of hers on continuing domestic abuse, I feel for the poor woman who is obviously floating around without much but the practical to guide her.  Again she makes some good points, essentially that it can be practical both to stay in such a marriage to avoid complications and difficulties of divorce or to leave to protect your physical welfare.  The decision is in the weighing of the concerns.  What worries me for her is that she doesn't seem to have any internal guidance beyond the practical for the weighing.   Nor does she seem to have much check on her own actions.  This poor woman is lost and unmoored.  

I've added her to my blogroll because I think much of her writing can be informative, though not perhaps in the way she intends.  Be aware, however, her blog is not easy reading.  

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edgeofthesandbox said...

I also keep Penelope Trunk on my blogroll. She is a provocative writer, and I agree with her on many points, but she certainly has a lot of problems.