Monday, January 16, 2012

The Tipping Point

To recap my angst from last fall, the hop back across the Pond did not go as smoothly as I expected.  It was, still is, hard.  When I posted the nervous breakdown post, a gaggle of girlfriends made contact to check on me.  Virginia called from New Jersey.  Apparently she had been waiting for my return so we could discuss the craziness of it all, which was mostly the motherhood issue. Virginia has been back in the States for 2 years.  If you do the math on all the pros and cons, then she says that life is easier here.  I'd bet that way, even before accounting for the opinion of a trusted friend.  It is just that the main con, motherhood, is the bulk of our lives.

What irked me about all the difficulties is how much easier it was than my early months in London.  I knew almost no one.  I was in the flat the vast majority of the time, save the school run.  The same went for Virginia.  Then we met and things started to get better.  It was our tipping point, she said.  I simply needed my new tipping point.

Looking back, I had it.
It was that conversation with Virginia.  Heartened by our talk, I stopped everything else and made some effort to see friends.  My 40th birthday helped in that regard.  I spent a delightful time with friends who I hadn't seen in a few years.  Then, I got some more housekeeping help.  (When we moved back to Texas, I figured I wouldn't need much kid help once they started school, so I drastically cut my staff hours from London levels.  My family, specifically my husband and sister in law, intervened.)  When we changed our Thanksgiving plans to go to Sparkle's house, that is, we would only cook pies and buy wine as opposed to cook a feast for 9 at ours, I realized that my homecoming tipping point had arrived.

Feeling cocky, I started to draft this post in mid-November.  But Pride cometh before a fall. Within 2 weeks I discovered that I had failed to enter any of the Boy Scout engagements in my diary.   Then, I managed to screw up various birthday plans, including my own son's.  In two consecutive weeks I called in sick for my Sunday school gig and rushed the family to church (after missing the service) only to learn Sunday school was not in session that day.  Even if I was on the down slope, I was obviously still at the top of the mountain.

Still a little more retooling, a trip to London to see friends, a lovely Christmas, things keep getting easier.  Virginia was my tipping point.  Thanks, my friend.

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome ;) And we reached a new milestone...I found my way to your blog.