Monday, January 16, 2012

Sit Down, John!

So I am following up my tipping point post with a tale of discontentment.  I reek of it.

My diary is up to date.  The garage is organized.  The art is on the wall.  I've managed adult church and Bible study.  Things are looking up, but only on the little things.  I spent today hacking at dead branches that I've not been able to attend to since the summer's drought.  The hacking helped with the thinking.

Two things became apparent in the past few days.
First, I grossly misjudged how much less education my children would receive outside of Hill House.  I will tell that tale later, but I now have a consummate understanding of why homeschooling is a major trend in the United States.  While I have calmed my incandescent rage, it is clear that Yasha and I must supplement the children's education in ways that simply were not necessary at Hill House.

Second, limited government, classical conservatism is dead in the presidential race. When Perry attacked Bain, it was over, not only because of the attack, but also because he chose not to lead with his defining difference: limited government, classical conservatism.  Without that, he is just another candidate who has been weighed and found wanting.

All is not lost.  Electing a federalist president, while extremely helpful, is not strictly necessary.  It is necessary to have Congress.  Certainly, electing a classically conservative Congress would have been easier with a classical conservative leader's coat tails--Romney will have pathetic coat tails if he even manages to pull a win out of the hat--but we can still advance the cause with a classically conservative Congress and a president unwilling to veto it.  Romney is at least conservative enough for that.   For the moment, the prudent action is to support classical conservatives for Congress.

But that is only for the moment.  I started this blog, in part, to participate in the American political process when I could not physically participate due to the breath of the Atlantic.  But I am not in London anymore.  I can do much more than write.  And so can Yasha.  Hence our discontentment.  It is time To Do.

We have much to discuss in the coming weeks, as there is much to be done.  It seems that I got the life admin sorted just in time.


Anonymous said...

Hello there, AHL

We mostly vote for the Libertarians now. Have for some time. The expansion and intrusions are so off-putting to me that I vote a big NO and BACK OFF, even if I might personally agree with alot on the right. Have to be careful with the kiddos and remind them not to spout off and rant. They don't realise how limited this viewpoint is. We have heard them declare, "John Stossel is awesome!"

Yes, we had the same thoughts about the school. Planned to supplement at home. Boy, were we wrong. I didn't plan on the fact that they would be mentally weary by the afternoon. They just wanted a snack and some down time to play and just be. Then, homework and shuttling here and there for after school activities (or snack while shuttling-hence the desire to have time to just be.) I also started to notice how often they were academically idle- watching movies, playing games, playing with toys-done while waiting for the next activity to start or the next week if the current week's work was done.

If you are a fan of old school children's literature, you may notice the current reading material has much less complicated sentence structure and grammar, easier vocabulary and simply less word volume-not near as fun to read aloud.

I remain profoundly grateful to have escaped public education.

Good luck with it all. Gird your loins and heft your flaming sword of justice. Might also want to add a helmet so as not to get too bad of an ache from banging your head against the walls.

Actually, I admmire your ambition and drive. Perhaps my view is skewed. We have done a bit of a retreat from current American culture simply to shield the kids from the nagging, shaming, scare-mongering and coarsening that seems to have descended from adult land to kid world. I truly hope you and yours find a good way forward and wish you much success with the re-education of your fellows.

Cheers, Maverick

AHLondon said...

If your school master knows of a similar school in Houston, I'd love to hear about it. The problem here isn't strictly academic. For Christopher Robin, I'm pretty satisfied academically. Younger academics is another story: too much of the wrong kind. Progress is so standardized that they just focus on hitting benchmarks and little else...but ah, I am preaching to the choir on that point, no?--or preaching to the preacher more like. Their education in Hill House was simply richer, fuller.
As for your Libertarian leanings, that makes you pretty typical of my friends. Most R voters around here who were not excited about Perry thought he was too meddlesome in business. So how in the world is your stomach not turning in stressed knots at the knowledge you'll probably have to vote for Romney?
I understand your stress about the kid political enthusiasm. I once got a text from one of my London friends, "thanking" me for the argument her son and husband were having. They were stuck in traffic on the A5 when some anti-Bush thing came on the BBC station they were listening to. Christopher Robin had managed to convince his friend that Bush was a good guy and the boy's English father was having none of it. The Swedish mom texted me so I could share in her joy at early father/son battles.

Lawrence Person said...

1776 has long been among my top 10 musicals...