Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sen. Jim DeMint needs backup.

This morning, I went to a Ted Cruz event.  Cruz is the guy challenging Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for US Senate.  He's a classical conservative, who wrote his thesis on the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.  (I've requested a copy of that.)  His stats look good.  Here is a link to fundraising info. (Check out that table about donor stats. Wow.)  Here is another link to recent poll data.  Having started with negligible name recognition compared to the sitting Lt. Gov., the trends look good, and he hasn't even started spending money yet.  His campaign so far is built mostly on speeches and word of mouth.  (Compared to the Perry campaign, Team Cruz knows how to work grassroots and social media. This unknown guy running for US Senate has a much better web operation than the sitting Governor of Texas did.)

Just like the analysis on the GOP from earlier today, Cruz believes that the problem for classical conservatives is one of leadership.  We are tired of talking about change.  We are ready to act but have precious few operatives in place.

That's what the Tea Party has been about, getting classical conservatives in office.  Because of the current GOP presidential primary debacle, people think that the Tea Party is in the midst of an overly dramatic death.  Based upon the Ted Cruz campaign alone, I can attest that reports of the Tea Party demise are greatly exaggerated.

We did well in 2010.  In 2011 that we managed to get a presidential candidate.  We did not, however, manage to scale the walls of the consultant class.  They, blind to the gift of the Tea Party and deaf to the impending doom of the modern socialist state beyond our borders, advised Perry that he had to play to compromises and social issues to win the nomination.  They were wrong.  If Perry had managed to communicate action the way Cruz did this morning, he would have locked up the nomination months ago.  That did not happen, and the opportunity for the White House is lost.

But just because the Tea Party has not carried the day at the presidential level, does not mean that it is finished.  The Ted Cruz/ David Dewhurst race is starting to look like a repeat of Florida's Christ/Rubio race from 2010, and we know how that one ended.

A while back Cruz talked to Sen. Jim DeMint, the highest ranking classical conservative in office, and asked him what he needed.  DeMint answered that he needed some backup.  In 2010 he got Rubio, Toomey, Paul, and Lee.  In 2012, we could send in Ted Cruz.

A final note--a silly thing really--back in the 70's/80's there was a popular Astro, Jose Cruz.  When he came to bat, everyone would yell "Jose Cruuuuuuzzzzz."  I keep hearing yell in my head when I write or read about Ted Cruz.  I looked for a YouTube clip, but all I found were some funny Ted Cruz burger commercials.  Shame.


Megs said...

To your point, one of the complaints about conservatism that I hear over and over again (maybe because I'm saying it too) is that conservatives lack clarity. Define the problem, explain the solution. It really should be that easy. Instead, the conservatives usually let liberals define the problem (incorrectly) and then flounder to explain how to solve it in way that is not as persuasive as it would be if the problem were better-defined.

One of the positive things I've read about Cruz is that he is someone who speaks about conservatism in the clear terms of problem and solution. There is a huge dearth of leadership for conservatives and someone with the clear message will rise in the ranks.

AHLondon said...

Regarding the lack of clarity, part of the problem is that even conservatives have fallen to the social conservative/boogy man assumptions created decades ago. We've forgotten how to disentangle classical conservatism, i.e. classical liberalism, and social conservatism. On the first, there is broad consensus in the US, on the latter not so much. The two concepts have heavy overlap among conservatives and the left has used that to get the smaller concept to camouflage the larger. If we get Cruz in the Senate, will we have a mere 5 Senators that understand the distinction?

Left Coast Rebel said...

Great post, I'm going to link you at LCR and

AHLondon said...

Cool. I notified the Cruz camp that you got a Morning Jolt link on a post featuring Cruz. You should expect more traffic today.