Thursday, January 12, 2012

Plastic Surgery

My friend Lara Lakin had an interesting post about paying physical appearance compliments to women.  Read the whole thing, but I responded:
I think your advice about delaying physical compliments until a bit later is spot on. In this day and age it is far too dangerous to lead with physical compliments to women. Another thought from an American, I've often found that British women are more reserved about their physical appearance, especially boobs. I find this fascinating when considered in conjunction with the American rep for prudishness. Last night, I was Twelfth Nighting with girlfriends and today I queried my aerobics class. I realize that 20 or so women is barely above anecdotal, but all of us would have taken the comment as a compliment. Furthermore, a few noted that American women tend to be curvier in general, while much of the European gene pool is ectomorph. They thought that the compliment would be more likely mistaken because hour glass figures tend to outlier status, so that y'all are more self conscious of curves. Thoughts?
As it happens, all of the women, all Americans by the way, that I questioned had considerable boobs, most of them natural.  Which reminds me of something I've been meaning to address: plastic surgery.

Houston is loaded with it.  But it is all very subtle.  In London, I think fewer women had any assortment of cosmetic procedures, but those that did had loads of it. Think Carla Bruni.  Houston women have fewer and more subtle procedures.  Did you know you could have a boob lift?  The surgeon pulls up the skin at the collar bone, merely lifting breasts.  Anyway, I've been surprised by the frequency of plastic surgery.  I stopped talking about it after the second foot-in-mouth incident when I mentioned my shock to a new friend only to have her say, "You know I've had [insert one procedure here].'

I have to say, the thought is tempting.  After the twins, no amount of Abs of Steel will give me abs of steel again.  But I am just not a plastic surgery gal, mainly because I would never subject myself to the risks of surgery for cosmetic reasons.  I did once think that if I was already in the OR, I wouldn't mind a tummy tuck. I told Yasha that if I am ever in surgery for some emergency reason, tell the docs I'd like a tummy tuck.  This was his reply, complete with his very powerful James Earl Jones, courtroom voice.  I remember it from memory:

"Let me get this straight: when the doc comes out to give me progress reports on your spleen removal after a car accident, you want me to tell him, "By the way, my wife wants a tummy tuck"? No. Unequivocally no. Not if I had a thrice witnessed notarized document and a video deposition. No."

Guess I didn't think that one through.


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