Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Sex

I don't know if the wedding inspired the small uptick in sex related articles on my news circuit, but it is there.  Below I found articles on porn in public libraries and linked to one royal wedding inspired article about living together before marriage. Here are two more from Instapundit:
Hot sex is the key to a happy marriage.  (I don't know if I'd say it is key, but it is essential.) 
Get divorced for hot sex.  The thrust of the article and of the favorable comments is that she just needed to find herself to get back that fire.  I'm with one of Instapundit's other readers: “Should be titled ‘HOW FORGETTING THAT SEX WAS IMPORTANT RUINED MY MARRIAGE’ but that wouldn’t get her published on Salon.”   She spent her post baby days thinking of sex as a chore, and like any good modern woman refuses to have sex unless she is damn well in the mood--maintenance sex is a feminist sin--and then finds herself shocked when she doesn't want her husband anymore.  This story is far too common.

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