Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Michelle Obama v. Sam Cam v. Princess Catherine, Fashion Wars

No big update on the state visit tonight except to second M&M's assessment that no one on the street seems to care that the Obamas are in town.  That was not the case on previous visits to London or Europe.  I have some observations but can't write tonight.  I have to study for the Life in the UK path to citizenship test. I can give a quick link to the fashion wars.

Princess Catherine wins today, with a high street (chain store) dress, while the First Lady and Sam Cam went for designers.  M&M thought the First Lady looked like she was wearing the Queen's curtains.  The Mail though she was dressing like the 85 year old Queen.  Sam Cam's dress is almost great--it is just too busy.  When you are in the spotlight as much as these ladies are, I think simple lines carry the day.  (I personally liked Sam Cam's dress for the wedding, but apparently it was too informal.)  Granted, Princess Catherine is younger, which helps, but both the First Lady and Sam Cam have nice figures.  I think it is actually the dress that wins.  For the Americans who didn't immediately know that was a Reiss dress, of the "high street' shops mentioned in the Mail as favorites of Princess Catherine, LK Bennet is similar to Ann Taylor.  Whistles is kinda Loft meets Anthropologie.  Zara, I think is in the states.  It is wildly popular here.  Warehouse makes me think of an upmarket Urban Outfitter.

The Mail's picture: (Mrs. Obama changed for the PM meet.)


edgeofthesandbox said...

I want Catherine's dress.
Michelle's outfit on the left is fine, the one on the right doesn't work with her body type... to start with.

KimberlyJ said...

Not too crazy about the dress on the woman on the right... looks a bit frumpy.