Saturday, May 21, 2011

Michelle Obama v. Sam Cam, The Fashion Showdown

I'll have much to blog about next week, as the Obama's are coming to London for a state visit.  There are many weighty issues on offer, of course, but also fashion blood sport.  Similar to the Royal Wedding being a bigger deal than the Clinton or Bush daughter weddings, Americans do watch what the First Lady wears, but here it is much more of a sport.  Maybe it is just because I am in London.  Regardless, along with Israel, Libya, economics, I'll have plenty to post on fashion next week.  British fashion writers I've seen gush over Michelle's style.

Oh and I'm sure there will be stories about diplomacy, since that went so well last time.

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nooneofanyimport said...

Seems like half the time, Michelle is well dressed, and the other half is serious yikes.

have you seen this?