Sunday, May 15, 2011

A state can have open borders or a welfare state, but not both.

My sawdust and planks category has been waiting for a post on immigration.  The stuff that is freely discussed over here would shock most Americans.  Such discussions would see the people branded racists.  

Most Americans want to get to wide doors but high fences, but differ on what to do with current illegals. That is, we are arguing about amnesty for illegals.  In Europe, however, reasonable discussions abound on closing borders or deporting immigrants who get pregnant or sick, like in Singapore, which is essentially a police state.  As Anderson points out in the following link, Europeans recognize, even unconsciously, that you can have open borders or a welfare state, but not both.  

Americans, on the other hand, can't even discuss securing the border without getting mocked.  President Obama's trip to Texas was a fiasco--or at least would have been branded such if a Republican president had tried this level of indifferent arrogance. (h/t Instapundit) Obama flew down to Texas, not to check on the raging wildfires or explain his denial of Emergency funds for fighting the fires.  Nor did he even fly over to view the Mississippi running backwards.  No, he came to Texas for a fundraiser, at which he chose to mock calls for border control, asking if we wanted a moat.  Has the President ever seen the Rio Grande? Texas already has a moat on the border, sir.  

With the problems of organized crime  (Thanks to Megs for the links) and birth tourism on the border, one hopes Obama would avoid glib alligator jokes.     

(h/t BigJournalism for the video)

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Dodibeth said...

OY! Goodness. She doesn't understand the resentment from the American people who struggle to pay their own bills and pay for illegals? My husband and I had to laugh at that one.