Saturday, April 16, 2011

The UN and The Stamp Lady

As I was saying, UN resolutions are useless, irrelevant, and handicapping. Susan Rice, however, has attempted a whitewash.
Ultimately, according to Rice, “the United Nations is so important to our national security . . . [that] when we meet our financial obligations to the U.N., we make Americans safer,” and “the U.N. promotes universal values Americans hold dear.” Both of these assertions are demonstrably false.
From Yasha's years at the UN, he always wanted a chance to tell Jessie Helms that things there were ever so much worse than even Helms said. Some problems were big, some little. A short story: When Yasha left the UN, he had to do many administrative things, get his light blue passport punched, turn in keys and cards, etc. At the end, he had one stamp to get for the some document department, to certify that he had turned in all the materials. He had never used the document room in question, didn't even know it existed. Still, he needed the clearance stamp, so he headed off to the assigned room. The room was a small broom closet down in the bowels of the building. There was an oldish woman sitting in a chair, watching TV. Without looking at his papers or any ID, she picked up a stamp and stamped his form. He asked her how she knew that he didn't have any outstanding materials. She told him that she knew he had no materials checked out because the document room had been closed many years before. Confused, my husband asked, "So why are you still here?" She answered, "I provide the stamp."


Sarah @ ExPat Bride said...

How silly! Good pub story though I think :)

AHLondon said...

Yes it is. He's told it often. I was kinda sad to tell it here because it is better in person, and with the proper accents.