Friday, April 29, 2011

Then, what did William say to Kate at the altar?

The other bit I wondered about were the two asides of William to Kate and her father, and then to Kate.  A commenter below: "Lip readers reckon that Will says "We were only supposed to have a small, family affair" to Kate and her father."  That got a laugh out of the two.  
I wonder what William said to Kate next.  It looked like something appropriate about his beautiful bride, but I haven't watched again.  Lip readers have that?

UPDATE: The Mirror is on the case.  But somebody at NBC hired a forensic lip reader.  


Anonymous said...

I am an amatur lip reader. I am quite sure of what he said next: "I love you so much, you know". Gasp. Wow, what a guy.

Anonymous said...

The second thing he said was, "Most Beautiful"

Anonymous said...

Watch his lips...if you look carefully, you can see him say

'Kate, you look incredible. I'm so proud of you'

AHLondon said...

From the BBC replay last night, it looked like, "You look beautiful, babe." They had someone do a voice over and the lips fit.