Thursday, April 21, 2011

Royal Wedding Stuff to Buy

My mom is in town. Some of her friends from home have asked her to bring back something commemorating the wedding of William and Kate. Though Americans are in some ways more excited than the British about the upcoming pomp and circumstance, though the Brits are certainly having an attack of patriotism I've not even seen in two World Cup tournaments, I gather that US shelves aren't lined with Royal Wedding stuff. I have assured my mother that all she need do is walk over to Peter Jones, a department store, or Duke of York Square, a shopping area, for a host of options.

A few links for those not over here. You can get coffee cups and plates, most British houseware shops have custom designs for the occasion. See Cath Kidson and Emma Bridgewater, for example. Tea towels are the traditional memento, though they almost didn't do them. Key rings, cards, throw pillows (Brits like "cushions") all the typical souvenirs are on offer. My favorites though are the funny ones. (All pictures from the Peter Jones website, Yes, it is Peter Jones but the parent company is John Lewis--confusing, but the way it is.)

Americans might not also know, that Royal brides have registries. Diana had one at the GTC, General Trading Company. Kate and William have chosen to register for charities.

Last year, when Chelsea Clinton got married, I had a short discussion around here about the "American Royal Wedding". I said that while Chelsea's wedding was certainly society news for a few days, it was nothing to the cultural event that would happen when William married Kate. This is what I meant. It is even an extra bank holiday.

Finally, I assume that everyone has seen that T-Mobile add? Just in case, since it came out during the school holiday when not everyone is paying attention to their computers:


AHLondon said...

Z wrote: Oooh - thanks for the shopping ideas! I am looking forward to the wedding - got up early for Diana and Charles and expect to the do the same for William and Kate. I have seen the T-mobile ad and while I liked it, I couldn't get over the strange outfits for the "bridesmaids." Shouldn't they be a bit more formal? And match?

AHLondon wrote: Those weren't bridesmaids. Those were the royals. If I recall (still in garden) first came Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, the. Prince Andrew, then Princess Anne and her daughter Zara (I think), then Charles and Camilla, then Edward and Sophie, then the Queen and Prince Philip. So William is dancing with his cousins. Now, I wondered about the order. I would expect Prince Edward first and Charles last before the Queen. Was this just a T-mobile commercial thing, or was that the expected order? All I could come up with is Prince Edward never divorced. Michala, help.

Z wrote: Ah - thanks - that makes a lot more sense. I recognized Anne, Harry, etc - I hadn't realized that was supposed to be Eugenia and Beatrice.

AHLondon said...

I texted M&M to help with the royal questions. I suspect she has had a lovely afternoon at the park, perhaps with a Pimms--she answered me in cockney.