Friday, April 29, 2011

Kisses and Flybys

Apparently the lockout still holds.  They will email me their posts and I'll get them up sometime today.

I have one comment.  Royals are very proper, not even a kiss at the altar, though they might on the balcony in a few minutes.  They did, twice!, and note it was the 30 year old royal male who blushed.

Anyway, everyone is looking for some betrayal of real emotion.  I noticed as they went in one of the tunnels, when they had no cameras overhead and might not have known that someone was shooting at an angle into them, William had his hand over Kate's, stroking it reassuringly with his thumb.  Very sweet.

Speaking of sweet, we were on the flyby route!  The planes went right over the flat.  Christopher Robin and the Little Dane were very excited about that.  Spitfires!  Christopher Robin loves Spitfires.  We were out on our balcony cheering.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, traditionally it is not the done thing in Britain to kiss in church. That is a very modern introduction and one I have to say I did not embrace (excuse the pun!) as I am not a fan of it.....I like old-fashioned and actually I do cringe when people start clapping in church when the couple are just married...sorry, I hate that!

AHLondon said...

You mean it isn't just a royal thing. Y'all don't kiss after man and wife? What's that bit about only kissing in public in the train station and only if one of you has a ticket?

AHLondon said...

And what about not facing the bride as she walks down the aisle? Is that a British thing too? Why'd he do it?