Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Hats and Fascinators at the Royal Wedding

Here is The Telegraph's round up of the hats, bottom right where Miriam Gonzalez is pictured in her red and black Cruella number.  (Sorry, Foxy, I'm with your husband and Pip Owens.  That outfit screams Cruella DeVil.)  For my American friends, fascinators are basically huge hair jewelry.  Hats are common here, but non-hats, large feathery, beaded, and/or netted headbands or combs, have been popular as an alternative.  Those are fascinators.  There are shops and whole sections of department stores for women's headgear.  We are going to Ascot with M&M and LeBon.  I think I need to buy one of these.  Virginia is coming to London for a wedding a few weeks before, so we two Americans are going to brave some hat shopping.  I am nervous, very nervous.


Anonymous said...

Or, just borrow a hat form either me, (I have 6 hats and goodness knows how many fascinators), or there are numerous dedicated hat shops in London which have a huge stock and rent the hats out....much better option!

AHLondon said...

Don't Virginia and I have bigger heads than you? (I assume this is M&M or perhaps Foxy.) We might need to do the hat shopping thing as part of the full English experience.
Over on FB Anna is giving me tips.