Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Bloggers write out of a suicidal missionary zeal"

When Yasha left for work this morning, he left the latest Spectator on the kitchen table open to the following:
Blogging's not a job--it's an expensive addiction. I wonder if he was hinting at anything?

I am sad to hear that James Delingpole is quitting blogging cold turkey, but I understand. I've given myself until 11 this morning, and then I am going outside with my mom (she arrived safely) and the kids. 

Save the high tea with friends on Friday, Palm Sunday, and lunch with the girls this weekend, I've not been out of the flat since our return to Devon--though I have written a post on the high tea. Granted, I was out with conservative women so the conversation ranged from pop culture to higher education to US foreign policy, and the whole thing reminded me I hadn't posted on that 'my best friend is Republican' article.  Still, I might want to take heed from James:

When I looked back at the last 18 months and wondered why I’d got so ill, the answer became pretty self-evident: it’s because every spare scrap of time that had hitherto gone on stuff like pottering in the garden, having the odd game of tennis, taking the kids to school, listening to music, reading, walking and relaxing, had been almost entirely swallowed up by blogging.
And I can’t pretend I didn’t enjoy doing it: that’s the problem — it’s an addiction. As a blogger you can’t read a news story without wanting to comment on it. You’re constantly trawling your other favourite blogs to see whose story is worth following up.

UPDATE: I just linked to a this post in a post about blogging fatigue over at NeoNeocon's place, and re-reading mine, I realize that I've never posted my best friend is Republican post.  I've got it drafted, but it isn't quite right yet.  Delingpole always reminds me to go outside and play, though.  I'll get to it later.  

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