Friday, October 29, 2010


An Army of Davids on the internet will always see through crap.  You can find a Christine O'Donnell she-didn't-have-sex-with-me "scandal" flying around the web posted by some anonymous guy who wore a Boy Scout uniform for Halloween a few years ago.  The Smoking Gun has already figured out who the guy is.  But I just loved this exchange in the comments:

The Gawker story has an internal inconsistency that strongly suggests this whole matter was fabricated. Allegedly this incident happened three years on Halloween night , a Wednesday. That would make the year 2007. Yet photo #9 shows Ms. O'Donnell standing in front of an Eagles poster commemorating their 75th year in existence. The Philadelphia Eagles were founded in 1933 and their 75th Anniversary would have been in 2008. Halloween,in 2008, occurred on a Friday, not a Wednesday. Therefore the photo was taken two years ago and not three years ago as Gawker claimed. If the author lied about the year , what else is he lying about? Also kudos to TSG in tracking down the owner of the Boy Scout uniform which was evidently was not used as costume one year previously as the Gawker piece claimed.

If the Eagles were founded in 1933 the 75th anniversary would be 2007.....count it out on your fingers or write each year down from 1933 through 2007 and you will get 75

The poster is from 2007. It's a little weird, but because NFL seasons used to be completed in a single year, their years of existence won't exactly add up to the number. So, the Eagles were founded and played and completed their first full year of existence in 1933. That's year one. Year 75 would be and is 2007. In other sports, which have seasons that span over the New Year, such as basketball and hockey, then the 75th anniversary for a team that was founded in 1933 would be 2008, because the full year from 1933 doesn't end until 1934. The founding year would be 1933-1934 season. The anniversary year would be 2007-2008. And most of the time, you'll see pro teams celebrate "anniversary seasons" instead of years. Another example would be the eight original AFL teams (Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos, Raiders, Patriots, Titans, Bills, Jets), who celebrated their 50th Anniversaries in 2009, even though the AFL's first season was in 1960. Does that make sense?

Nice bit of debunking there! Also, the author claims they were pounding Heinikens and the photos show Christine was drinking from a glass. It looks like a regular cola to me. The glass is probably too big to be a mixed drink. I know when I was a bartender, the only time I would put more then 1 straw in a drink was if the drink had no alchohol in it and her glass has 3 straws.

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