Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Public Service Announcements

Brits are morbid.  Have you ever read Peter Rabbit, a story that starts out telling us that Peter's father was put in a pie by the farmer's wife?  How about The Tale of Jeremy Fisher, where the main character almost gets eaten by a fish.  The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck is pretty morbid too as that lead character almost gets cooked by a fox and a couple of hound dogs gobble up her beloved eggs.  That's just Beatrix Potter.  That children's book written by Sarah Ferguson when she was still a Princess, that one is about a child getting kidnapped.  Need I even mention the Series of Unfortunate Events books?  

That's just the kids' stuff.  British PSA's are usually brutal.  I have a favorite funny one about sausageThe vampire dentist is funny too. Most though employ shock value to extremes.  Check out video 2 at this link.  The comment has it dead on. In the states we have animals, in the UK...  When we first moved here, this creepy one was on TV and in movie theaters.  This one appears at bus stops. (And the link where I found it has some interesting comments.)  But this one takes the prize.  It is both effective--I can't forget it--and brutal.  Click with caution.  

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