Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's the Deal with a Birkin Bag?

I have to comment on this.  When I moved here I didn't know what a Birkin bag was either.  They can be bought for less than $10,000.  Great.

Prior to the crash, they were all over the place.  Once, Virginia was invited to a leaving-do for an acquaintance.  The hostess wanted to get a group gift and suggested a Birkin.  A spa day, sure, but a 4 figure handbag?!  At the very least, if someone wants to spend this kind of money on a handbag, wouldn't they want to pick it out themselves?  I heard tales of mothers getting Birkins for teacher gifts. I'm pretty sure the teacher would rather have the cash.

Reynolds might think that they are ugly, but the knock off market suggests otherwise.  Most shops around here have a Birkin knockoff.  What I don't get, besides the price, is why they are always open.  Women carry them all over the place with the lock and clasp dangling.  Advertising your ability to purchase a 4-5 figure purse and then walking around with said purse open seems like a terrible idea, no?

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