Monday, June 28, 2010

The Drop Down Menu for Titles

If you are ever shopping on a British website, when the time comes to enter your information, you are in for a mild shock when the drop down menu for "Title" falls off the page.  Besides the standard Mr., Mrs, Miss, and Dr. there are Lord, Lady, various military titles, Countess, Dame, Earl, Viscount, Duke...  You can have fun with Brits, I'm told, by asking them to rank said titles.
Also interesting, you often can't enter your own address.  You enter your postcode and get a drop down menu of your address options.  (Postcodes are assigned by building just like that huge dorm at UT Austin.) Sometimes websites at home, especially government websites, also suggest an address, but here you don't have the option to choose the one you originally entered.
Last point, I live on an island, so why is standard delivery 5-6 working days?  I could go off on the whole working day thing right now, but that really deserves a dedicated post.

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